Technological Advances Call for More Advanced Digital Security Measures

3d people - man person with a laptopBusiness technology changes every two years, and while we usually stay with the same provider Moore’s Law about doubling in speed while cutting the price in half is well known in business. Everyone is constantly looking for the best new product, amazing technological advances that provides better results and what we can get that will change our perception of business or improve the bottom line. We are always looking for better equipment, better tools, better technology and anything that will help us grow business.

Technology that provides better results are known to change the perception of business and improve the bottom line. That slight advantage can be critical in today’s business world. Unfortunately, we have the mindset to forget that there are digital criminals in our midst waiting for the right moment to strike. These people are prepared to use the best and latest technology available to compromise the technology of others and to attack anyone who is connected to the digital world. As criminals, they steal, bribe, sneak and compromise anyone or anything in order to get their hands on their new technology.

After those cyber criminals have access to that technology, they dismantle it and break it down so they can gain a better understanding of how it works. They also work toward understanding the manufacturer so they can make “hacks” and access the information or data of others. They work to find out what it can do, not just what the manufacturer thinks it can do. While you may not recognize it now, there is a distinguishable distinction between those two.

As an example, if it is software that is used by a large proportion of digital users, the thieves can get access to a SDK (software development kit) they will immediately take action to take it apart, see how it functions, see what has been overlooked and determine how they can utilise it for their own nefarious needs. After that hands-on research, they can easily discover ways to compromise the program.

We Can Make A Difference

By incorporating the fundamentals of high quality digital security, we can stop these thieves in their tracks. Examples are using passwords, patching, firewalls, AV and backups while some people just exhibit paranoia. The more that technology changes, those are the basics that give you a platform from which to work. With the continuing technological advances, we have to find a better way to improve digital security. By using the fundamentals, you will start to think outside the box and work to discover other solutions and more effective answers to challenge these criminal masterminds.

The fundamentals are the basis for your protection from those criminals that lurk in cyberspace just waiting to catch you with your guard down. As users of technology, we need to take a stand and work to find the right security solutions to protect our equipment, our data and all of our information. By staying up to date on the advances and the latest security digital security options available, you can take a step in the right direction by blocking out digital thieves who are waiting to disrupt your business.

Roger Smith is the CEO of R & I ICT Consulting Services, Amazon #1 selling author on Cybercrime, author of the Digital Security Toolbox and author of the SME Digital Security Framework.   Rapid Restart Appliance Creator.   He is a Speaker, Author, Teacher and Educator on cybercrime and how to protect yourself from the digital world. 

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