Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Every organisation needs a chief digital officer (CDO), not just someone who knows technology!   Everyone has someone who knows technology, but do they know how to use the technology to suit your business model.   Do they know how to make the technology work to give your business the edge over your competition.
The digital world, a complex, scary and unpredictable place that we now use for practically everything in the business world.   From marketing through social media to supply chain management, the use of your organisations digital assets is critical to your business being competitive in today’s business world.
And technology is advancing faster than we ever thought possible.  We are playing catch up to make it fit into our business world.   In a large number of areas in our business we are missing opportunities, losing revenue and getting lost because we no longer have an understanding on what we are suppose to be doing with the digital assets at our disposal.

How do you use a Chief Digital Officer to make the best use of your digital resources?   

Small and medium business and not for profit organisation (SME’s) need to use their digital assets to the best of their ability.   How to combine databases, websites, social media, email, marketing, sales, management, big data, cloud technology and the mirriad of other technological components of the business into a solution that is critical to being a competitive entity in today’s business world?   Well that is the big question!
To make your organisation more profitable and more resilient you have to know the questions to ask:
  • What digital assets do you need to focus on?
  • What area of expertise is critical to your business going forward?
  • What technology will lead you into a digital colda sac?
  • How are we going to use social media to compete with larger and more financial competition?
  • How much impact will mobile devices have on the business?
  • How do we secure the systems and protect the business IP, the finances and the information?
  • Do we need an app for that?
bigstock-Businessman-jumping-a-hurdle-36831797The chief digital officer is there to cross boundaries, make informed decisions, coordinate the different business areas and move the organisation forward in compliance with upper management requirements.   They are there to get the biggest bang for the investment buck when it comes to digital performance without having to worry about the internal politics of the business.
SME’s do not have the financial resources to employ a full time chief digital officer.   But, every organisation, no matter the size, needs the expertise that a CDO brings to the table.    Can you afford to have someone like that on staff?    No, But a virtual one, well that is another matter.
Getting a CDO when you need one, to give you the direction, the digital strategy to make your business more competitive is the benefit of having a virtual CDO.
The technology space is huge and most people are experts in a very small area of that space.   Like everything else in the technology space, there

Digital strategy

Technology and marketing = ROI