How to avoid and survive a devastating cyber-attack on your organisation by using the four components of technology, management, adaptability and compliance to create a more secure business.

There are two things that business owners, board members, c level executives and managers have very little of.   Time and money.   You, being in management, have very little time because you have so many things to do for the organisation, lets face it, only you can do them (that’s not being facicious).   And money, budgets are tight out there in the real world and we all have very little spare money.

You have probably thought – that’s not important, I know everything I need to know about cyber security, I don’t have time for that or I cannot afford that at this time.dss-for twitter-2

I realise that an investment, and that is what it is, an investment of 4 hours and $599.00 ( less if you get it at the earlybird price of 40% off) could be construed as a waste, but i can assure you this – it is not.

To stay in business and to protect your organisation these are the facts:

  • Your size as an organisation is irrelevent.
  • Your R & D / intellectual property IS absolutely critical to your business.
  • Your access to financial information and your clients information needs to be protected.
  • Every organisation has something of value, including your hardware.

Do you consider protecting your organisation to be the most important thing that you have to do?   I do, and it’s not even my information!

No matter what, from the smallest one person business to the multi national conglomerates, every organisation is a target.   The difference is that the multi nationals can afford to invest millions in technological protection.   They still get hacked.    What hope do SME’s have.

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Introduction – a little history about the criminals and then we focus on cyber criminals and terrorists
Technology – what are the best and most important components of digital protection when it comes to technology
Management – understanding what will help your organisation when it comes to cyber crime
Adaptability – we are all targets, and we will all get hacked at some stage, how fast you get back to where you started is critical to your business survival
Compliance – getting the rules right and what rules need to be in place
Conclusion – tying it all together and understanding how to lower the risk of a cyber attack.