Kickstarter Threat Matrix – How to play the game

Lets just go through the mechanics of Threat Matrix – the game:

bigstock-Aerobatics-35891782The game is based around a mythical manufacturing company called “plastic monkey”.  They make and sell plastic monkeys.   They have a supply chain, a head office, a manufacturing plant and a number of stores.   The defender is the CIO of this mythical company, and using the funds and systems he has to defend the organisation.

The scoring for Threat Matrix is based on the following

  • Reputation,  loose the game if it gets below 60%
  • Protection, if it goes below 60% you have one month to recover
  • Recovery, if it goes below 70% you have one month to recover
  • Income and if it goes below 50% you have one month to recover
  • Revenue.   if it goes below 75% you have one month to recover

Each player card affects one or more components of these scores.  Reputation also has a component called good will, this allows the defender to increase this area of the business above the 100% mark.

To start, lay out the board game and the scoring plate ( setting everything to 100% and setting good will to 0.  Choose who will be the attacker and the defender.  Place the events cards on the board, shuffled and face down.

Both players now roll 2 x six sided dice, and the highest number is the amount of Money that your each have access to.  This gives you between $200,000 – $1,200,00.00 to purchase your arsenal for the game.

Each player now takes 10 cards from his pack.   Each card has a value, some are free.   You can only purchase what you have money for, remember to keep some money in reserve for the rest of the game.

To start the defender rolls 2 x 6 sided dice and on a roll of 7 turns over the top event card.   This card is imediately actioned.

The defender can play up to 4 cards from their hand per turn and buys up 3 additional ones from his pack, if they have money to pay.   Each card action is added to their scores.

The attacker then rolls 2 x 6 sided dice and on a roll of 7 turns over the next event card.   This card is imediately actioned.

The attacker can now play his attack cards either face up and calculated as part of the turn and the score or face down to be added when they need them to count.   (This is to show that the bad guys are doing stuff on Internet that we know nothing about) They too can play 4 cards and buy 3 more each turn as long as they have the money to pay for it.

You may think that if the game has the $1.2 million that the defender has a better chance of winning but don’t forget the attacker also has a bigger capability and can wreck some serious damage on plastic monkey.

The defender wins if they are above the scores on all levels at the end of the 10 turns.   The attacker wins anytime the scores get below the designated thresholds.

We have trailed 2 types of playing systems for Threat Matrix:

  • System one is as above
  • System two is where each turn 2 x 4 sided dice are rolled for each player and the red is for the number of cards that can be played and the Green one is the number of cards to replenish.   Makes for a more interesting game.

Here are a couple of hints for Threat Matrix:

  • In the set up time period, choose 15 – 20 cards that you know you can afford with the money available and then bring the ones to bear when you have been attacked.
  • Don’t forget free is good.