Kickstarter – Threat Matrix – investment

3D Helping HandThe money raised through kickstarter will be used in the following ways:
  • Create all of the Threat Matrix design components, cards, board, scoreboard and box, to make them more appealing to the players as well as incorporating elements from high end pledges.
  • Employ a copywriter to write the description of each card so that it briefly explains what it is for and the impact it will have on the game.    All $1k and $500 pledges will be involved in this process to highlight their wares.    At the moment only 50% of the cards have any description but they have all of the playing requirements to make the game work.   They will also work with the designers to incorporate all of the design elements.
  • Marketing – creating a market for the game through social media, small and medium business and not for profit Organisations management teams so that they can focus on protecting themselves from cybercrime
  • Design the framework for the electronic version of the game to be played at expos, seminars and road shows.   The idea is to either put 2 people against each other or have a attendee protect themselves.   The idea is to make each electronic game last from 5 to 7 minutes.

The Threat Matrix electronic design at the moment has the following features:

    • A defender app that supports all of the components of the Organisations Defence including the equipment used, training available, money available
    • An attackers app that supports attack profiles, digital world assets that have been bought to bear, the money available and additional place where the attacker can access extra resources.
    • A true application that sits on a computer, that allows the attack and Defence information to be displayed and the scoreboard and what is happening.  It will also show visible attacks and Defence.