Kickstarter – Threat Matrix – Concepts, tests and trials.

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I feel like the artillery man from War of the Worlds “I made a start”.   So here is the beginning concepts of Threat Matrix

The attached photos are the original, concept 1 (cleaned up a little), training pack that we have been using internally to convince people that they need to understand cybercrime at a higher level.

From my professional understanding of cybercrime this is only scraping the barrel, that is why the electronic game will have a bigger impact on the players.   The database that the information is contained in will be pretty big and the algorithm will also be pretty complicated to ensure the game (training aide) is challenging and also winnable from both players side.

The game will also have additions updates, new cards for the board game and updates for the app.    These can be either purchase for the board game (just pay for postage) or as digital updates for the electronic game.