Kickstarter – Threat Matrix – Attacks and Defences

This is just a small number of the descriptions from some of the cards for Threat Matrix.bigstock--D-Small-People--Checklist-12775844
CFO small windfall add $50,000 to the defenders budget
CFO Large Windfall add $100,000 to the defenders budget.
ICT test DR systems and rectify faults – add x to recovery systems
Change in government regulations – remove $25,000 from defenders budget
Ethical hacker employed add X to Y
Ethical hacker gives advanced notice of an attack – add X to Y
Board room drama – all budgets reviewed, all purchases halted for 1 turn
Major patch needed for business systems, for the next turn all attacks have double the effect
Chatter on the internet about targeting the defenders organisation with a DDOS attack – add X to Y
Insider impact 1
Insider impact 2
Advanced persistant threats – steet mugging to orchestrated bank robbery
website defaced
website compromised
compromised network
Data breach
Compromised DNS
Vulnerability disclosed
Compromised device
malware advisory
stolen sensitive data
stolen information
third party compromise
network security breach
vulnerability reporting
DNS redirection
Security research
newly discovered back door
criminal charges
spear phishing – administrator
spear phishing – Finance officer
spear phishing – SQL admin
spear phishing – chief exec
unspecified malware
information leak / disclosure
Trojanised application
Cross site scripting
Operation Camelot
Stolen credit card information – name
Stolen credit card information – Number
Stolen credit card information – security code
Stolen credit card information –  date
Proxy tool
Listening implant
Lightweight back door
Stolen payment card data
Compromised point of sale system
Honey pot delivers protection