Kickstarter Funding – what it will be used for (Threat Matrix)

DoctorThe primary reason for the kickstarter campaign is to raise money for the Threat Matrix board game and to do the design work for the electronic apps.   The both components of the game will still go ahead without the pledges from this campaign, just a little slower.

The underlying reason for the game is to get people thinking about cybercrime, and the game proves that it is very hard to protect an organisation.   When it comes to digital protection, this attitude of Set and forget no longer works.   The basics of a firewall, end point protection, a backup and the attitude that it will not happen to me is all you need, no longer protects an organisation.

Cybercrime is one of the most dynamic environments in the world today.  Cybercrime is also a huge problem for large Organisations, never mind SME’s.    We have to get the conversation around to protecting small and medium business and not for profit Organisations, in today’s world the sooner the better.

Threat matrix will get that conversation started