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Why would you listen to me about business security and business protection?

At the moment we all need all the help we can get.

I need help in marketing, sales, management and many more areas, actually too many to mention.

Most people on the other hand are really good in these spaces.

Like you I have expertise and mine is security.

This expertise was born from a love for all things computer and digital more than 35 Years ago.

I cut my teeth on mainframes, 10 KG disks and programming in Fortran.

I then transitioned into spaces occupied by Amiga (blast from the past), Windows and Apple.

When I left the navy and in my new civilian learnings I earned a large number of vendor certificates.

That got me jobs in ISPs, networking, managed services and security.

Like everyone else, I thought I knew it all.

I didn’t.

In 2008 I was hacked and I discovered that my intimate knowledge of these systems only just saved me from losing a substantial amount of money.

It made me realize that with all of my knowledge when it comes to security and protecting my assets, I was a babe in the woods.

If I was an easy target, then the rest of the cyber and digital users were just plain easy.

So I dived into this space and 4 years later I was quite an accomplished hacker and I wrote the book “Business security basics”.

Working at times for 24 – 48 -72 hours straight, which drove my wife mad, I learned an intimate knowledge of what they could do, how they could do it and why we need to learn all we can about it.

In 2014 I wrote another book “Cybercrime a clear and present danger”, we developed (and continue to develop) business security systems and requirements that move organisations from easy target (sitting ducks) to a lot better protected (moving targets).

The name of the next book is “From sitting duck to moving target” should be released next year.

I realized that everyone needs help in this space.

So here is an easy way to learn what you need to do to protect your organisation.

At no cost, except for an hour of your time, let me show you what you need to do for your business to protect it from today’s cybercriminals.

Sign up for the FREE 60 minute Friday webinar happening tomorrow at 1030.

I look forward to seeing you.


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