Cybersecurity fatigue, have we reached it yet?

Are we sick of hearing about cybersecurity?
This has been hacked!   X number of records have been stolen!    Another bank ATM system has been compromised!
Yada yada yada.    Whats the use?
You can invest millions in cybersecurity and still get hacked.
We now seem to not care.
We are getting reckless.
Reckless to a stage where the old adages are coming back.   If in fact they ever went away.

It will not happen to me?   

But it will!   If you do not focus on protection it will happen to you.    It will happen to you because of what the bad guys are capable of.   The bad guys know more about the intricacies of programming than some of the engineers who created the program in the first place.
In today’s digital world a bored teenager, with access to the internet, a computer, an aptitude for mischief and minimal parental supervision can literally RUIN your life.
That is not a good thing!   But it happens, happens all the time.

I am too small to be a target!    

Actually no one is too small to be a target.   Everyone who has a device that connects to the internet is a cybersecurity target.
Your mobile phone, your smart device, your laptop or your computer are all connected to a network that eventually connects to the internet.
The moment that you connect to the internet you are a target.   You are a target of all of those automated systems created by the bored teenagers.
The moment you open an email, do a search for a product or service, create a website or any of the tens of thousands of things we do on the internet – you are immediately a target.

I have nothing worth stealing!   

Ask that of the millions of people, offices and organisations who have been compromised by the cryptovirus also known as ransomware.   When you are confronted with the reality that you can no longer access your data, you suddenly realize how valuable that information really is!
Most of the people targeted have some level of protection, some type of security because they realised they had something worth stealing.   Even then it happened!
What makes you any different, especially if you do not have any or only minimal protection.

Education is the key.

The reason that people like me harp on about cybersecurity is we see the problems.   We see the impact and more importantly we see the solution.
The solution is not investing in millions of dollars of technology, although technology IS needed.  It is not about legislation, making it harder to do business, that is also needed.    It is wholly and solely about education.
Education has a drastic impact on the frequency, occurrence and severity of being compromised.
At the moment the bad guys do not have to work very hard to get users to click on a link or open an attachment (Social Engineering 101 – the easiest way to target anyone)
We have been conditioned to do it.
Click, double click or swipe is normal everyday activity when using a digital device.   There is no thought, it is conditioning.   We have to break this conditioning because in most cases  that is what the bad guys rely on.
The only way to break this is education – try this course.
The on boarding business security course (
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