Cybercrime – A Clear and Present Danger

“Everything is hackable”.   TheCEOsGuide_coverart_Med_rev

This is the position that most C level executives, Board members, managers and owners of small and medium business and not for profit organisations find themselves in.

The digital world is changing faster than most businesses can keep up with.   SME’s are constantly looking for the next technological advantage that the digital world will give to their organisation over their competition, but this is a two sided sword.

This saying “everything is hackable” is true.   Automated Systems used by 12 year olds to targeted malicious attacks specifically targeted at your business make business in todays world highly volatile.

There are two questions that management of any SME has to ask.
* Is the information under my care important enough to steal and if so how do I protect it?
* Is the information under my care easy to steal and how do I make it harder?

The answers to these two questions defines your security posture.

As the manager and owner of an an SME, where do you start?

This book is your starting point.

The orginisation’s investment in the use of digital resources is never the same as the required level of protection that the information they collect requires .   It is no longer anyone else’s problem to protect the information within your business.

As a manager, Board member, owner or C level executive, it is your responsibility.

Cybercrime – A Clear and Present Danger – The CEO’s Guide to Cyber Security