Yes it’s out there, a new virus for Mac, what do you do now?

Once upon a time there was only Microsoft, with up to 95% of the operating and application market share they were the target, the great beast, the company to topple.   The reason they were so successful is not the reason for the post, just to say that  it happened and it was.   After a couple of years there was a change, this saw other software suppliers make inroads into the market.

So enter the malicious code industry, the target was the Microsoft platform, and everyone was the target because you were using the product.    The reason that most of the viruses, Trojans and worms were written for Microsoft is because they were the biggest and for years this has been the standard.   There was no reason to write a decent virus or worm for the Mac when there was only 1% utilisation, and this is one of the fundemental reasons why it wasn’t done.

Business and people change.    Apple has made some serious inroads into the way businesses use the Mac.   With Apple gaining more and more market share and populatrity we are now seeing the proliferation of Mac viruses and we are starting to see them in the wild – running lose on the Internet.

This is a big change, lucky for Mac users the experience that has been gained from fighting the normal Internet malicious code that targeted Microsoft is helping the AV companies produce products for the Mac.

In addition,  there are is now malicious  code for android and IOS, for most web browsers and in some cases you can download an infected application direct from the android store.    With the increase in the use of mobile devices and mobile banking this targeting is going to get worse.   All of the things that we, the IT security community, advise Microsoft users to do is what all users need to do to protect their hand held devices, their tablets and their Macs.

Update regularly, be vigilant, backup regularly and get a good AV.

Most of all use common sense when surfing the Internet.

It is now more important for all operating system to be updated regularly.   What do you think?

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