(Video) Will IOT impact your SME

Hello. My name is Roger and today I’d like to talk to you about will the Internet of Things (IoT) have an impact on your small business? Internet of Things is a new technology that’s coming out and is now becoming an underlying component of a number of things. Internet of Things relies on two things. One being able to report to something and Internet of Things device can be collecting data about anything.

So, for instance as a product for tracker if you want to make sure that your mobile phone – well not mobile phones, it’s a bit big for that – but your laptop can’t be stolen, you set a little tracker that [Indiscernible 00:00:48] and anywhere in the world that will tell you where it is by using the internet and a large number of other systems that they’ve got in there.

How about the pro-fit systems that are now coming out. Where I can put a band on my wrist, it will tell me my heartbeat, my blood pressure and how much sweating and whether I need to drink in…All of those components.

Now for small business, pro-fit may not be a good fit. But things like tracker would be because the Internet of Things is going in that direction. We are building devices now that are going to benefit people. We used to have systems that were complicated, not very robust. Whereas Internet of Things, you can buy one, put it on whatever you need it to do to monitor and report back to you.

And it will last for twelve or eleven months without changing batteries. And it’ll talk to whatever device you’ve set it up to talk to. So if it’s got a Bluetooth component, as I set pro-fit, it talks to your phone which then tells your main system how fit you are and what you’re doing and why you just had a [Indiscernible 00:02:02] heartbeat because you’ve been pushing too much.

So that’s what IoT will do. So the impact it will have on your business over the next five or six years is going to be pretty huge. And it’s something you need to start factoring in when you’re thinking about how you well you are going to do business going forward.

Thank you very much.

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