Will a managed services (MSP) contract save you money?

DoctorTechnology can be a funny thing, one second it is working and the next second it’s not.   Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything to it to make it break.  If you now apply that to a larger scale, then a break in your business technology can have a sudden and lasting impact on your business and your staff.

When your ICT systems fail you need to have someone who has the correct skill set to resolve the problem.   Not only do you need the hard skills to resolve the problem but you also need the soft skills to reassure your staff and management that everything is being done as fast as possible but also with the greatest care.

Those technical skills including troubleshooting and resolution management are hard enough to find but in combination with the soft skills required you really need to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen to start off.

With a failure in technology you now have the additional problem of lost revenue, lost sales, the cost of down time and the cost of the fix or resolution of the problem.   How can you protect your business from this level of inconvenience?

There are a number of ways but the best solution to this inconvenience is the implementation and installation of some level of network, computer and user management that will protect your business.   This can be done in a number of ways but the best one is to outsource your technology problems to an external business or a managed services provider (MSP).

Some business have problems with this idea, an MSP does not have the same level and commitment as someone who is on staff.  This problem can be resolved by utilising a good Service Level Agreement (SLA), this will ensure that the MSP is committed to protecting your business as if they were a shareholder.

Most of the Other problems can be resolved with the application of common sense, talking to some of the MSP’ s clients, or just basically doing your due diligence to ensure that what they say is reflected in these referrals.

The SLA will also ensure that your business has no hidden costs.   The monthly fee for management and monitoring, should also include help desk, onsite and off site support and the resolution of any problem reported during working hours.   Out of hours and weekend work can be included but the cost will reflect this requirement.   This outsourcing solution will put professional ICT personnel at your fingertips at a monthly cost that you as a business can afford.   This is possible because you have negotiated your requirement at the time of signing the SLA.

Furthermore a good MSP will look at your requirements and act like a business analyst.    They will put the needed technology at the businesses fingertips because they have gone out of their way to understand your business.   This creates a better business environment for your staff and will improve efficiency and increase revenue which will eventually increase your profits.

This may also be reflected in better client management and better internal systems making the business of doing business easier.   Yes a managed services contract will save you money in the long run.

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