(Video) Why a managed (Security) Service Provider (MSP, MSSP) allows you to focus on your CORE Business

I’d like to talk to you about Managed Services and how they allow you to focus on your CORE business.

What do I mean by that?

Most people have a specific focus for their business, whether it’s making widgets, accounting, or a legal service.   Anything that you do as a business is your core business.

That core business, makes you money.   It’s what you focus your marketing and advertising on, and your sales and your internal processes.

In today’s technology world, most small businesses have a person on staff who looks after your technology.  They are the “computer person.”  And they spend a lot of time being the “computer person.” Because they are the “computer person,” when it breaks, someone yells, they go and fix it.

So they’re coming away from their business role and your core business to fix the problems so others can do their jobs.

What happens when they are in a situation where they are no longer doing their normal job?

As we all know, the moment you have something that you like to do, then being the sales and marketing person is no longer important and being the computer person gets a lot of focus.

The number of computer components that you have in a small business start to grow as you get bigger. That small computer person who’s looking after your computer systems starts to take on a bigger and bigger role. In addition to that if something should happen to them, you no longer have someone

  1. a) As the go-to person for all internal computer problems, but
  2. b) You can no longer focus on your core business because you’ve got to get other people in to fix the problem that this person use to rectify.

So when it comes to this type of situation, we have to make sure that you focus on your core business. If you’re not focusing on your core business, then you need to know where the technical support will come from.

Your core business might be an accounting practice. Your requirement maybe different versions of an accounting system. An accounting system needs people to install it, needs people to manage it. As an accountant, they have to have different versions, because all of their clients have different versions, they also will need to have different accounting systems.

All of that information is all tied up in one person. He wins the lottery and goes off and lives on a beach or gets hit by a bus and all that critical business information about your technology is no longer available. You now have a situation where nobody else knows the systems. Yes, people, individuals know all about the little bit of area they work, he might work in Arrow, he might work in MYOB he might work in QuickBooks, but there’s no overall system that’s in place to make sure everything is going to work.

This is where a managed services provider (MSP) come into the picture. As an MSP their priority is to document the network and to make sure that not just one person has control over the systems in place. Through that one control, it is then split over the number of people in the managed services role.

In addition, they have the expertise. They have the expertise to make sure that that information is, as I said, documented. This is how you install X. This is how you install Y. This is where the databases have to be. This is why you need to have a backup system in place. When they do a backup, these are the components that need to be in place.

That information is critical to your business. And once again, that is where a MSP comes in. Now if you want someone to come out and have a look at your business, please contact us. Thank you.

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