(Video) Why are good digital security solutions in short supply

Roger Smith, CEO at R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd and Amazon #1 author on Cybercrime discusses why digital security solutions are in short supply

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Hello, my name is Roger. Why are digital security systems in short supply?

I was on LinkedIn a couple days ago and came across an ebook from Checkpoint. Checkpoint they’re a supplier of firewalls and intrusion protection and anything that is front facing onto the internet. Now, the information in that white paper was really good information, it really was.

There was only one problem with it; they’re working on the principle that it is a silver bullet component. You put this in, you will be secured. You do this, you will be secured. You protect yourself in this way you will be secured.

Now, cyber criminals rely on you doing this because to them, they know that there is no such thing as a silver bullet. There is no such thing as something that you can do that A. Doesn’t require maintenance, B. Doesn’t require someone looking after it, and C. Other components would have had nothing to do with it. Because cyber security is holistic, it really is holistic.

There are four main components of it. You’ve got your technology, so your operating systems, your software, your hardware, antivirus, your encryption all of those components use technology. Then you’ve got management components, your policies that tell your users how they’re going to use the technology.

Your procedures that make sure that when they put a server together or when they put a work station together, or they do something in your business that it is this way and this way only. It also includes training and education. So you got a new firewall, who knows how to set it up? Do you know how to set it up? And if so, what’s the next step?

The next part is adaptability. The adaptability of your system to be resilient. So something does happen, what are your steps that are going to take you back to being business as usual? And this is business continuity, disaster recovery, resilience, what culture you’ve got in your business.

And then the last component, which is really important, usually a lot of people focus on, compliance, which is what I’m talking about, before they focus on the other things. But if you get those other three things in place, compliance is a relatively easy process.

Because you’ve already done the policies and procedures. You already got the high end taking place, you’re already doing the patching that makes it all work. So, it’s a holistic process, a complete, total, protected sequence.

Now, because that holistic attitude is very rare when it comes to protecting business that’s why it’s in short supply. Because I can to down and buy a Cisco router and I’m going to be protected. No I’m not. Because I haven’t got the policies and procedures in place. I haven’t got the DR in place, I haven’t got my compliance in place.

So, it’s very difficult to make sure that the next step you take is not listen to the salesperson, but listen to someone who is going to say, ‘yes, you can buy X. Doesn’t matter if it came from Checkpoint, or Cisco, or Fortinet or whatever. Because you know that that is only one small component of protecting your business.

Thank you very much.

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