(Video) Why are all organisations a target of cybercrime?

We can also use the digital world for collaboration, both internally, so I know what my nightly manager is doing and the nightly manager knows what I am doing, or someone external. I have a colleague, for instance, who does my changing of content when I am writing stuff for my website. Now I do a draft and send it to the edit, and they fix it. And that’s where the collaboration comes into it.

And of course, we have social media. Social is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all of these platforms that you are using. Now you have got to remember they are a platform. You have no control the algorithm they are using, how they make their money, so they might what Facebook did at the beginning of last year and change their algorithm so your rich, organically goes from 30% to 1%. And that’s a big change, and that’s because they were trying to make money.

But you have no control over that because it is a platform. So with all of this going on, what are the bad guys doing? What are the bad guys doing to use the digital world? The bad guys are after a number of things. One is your reputation, going back to Coca Cola and McGraw’s. They have a big reputation. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, but you have a big reputation.

And most businesses have a reputation that they can utilize to get followers and customers and go forward as a business. But they are also after your money. Money, you might think is a huge driving force, and it is. But it is not the only driving force of what cyber criminals are doing.

Cyber criminals are after your money, but they are also after your access to other people’s money. Hacking into my system and taking over my accounting system, they can send an invoice to someone and that money can go to the wrong bank account. You will have no idea what’s going on.

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