(Video) How to Improve the technical staffing within an SME.

Roger Smith, CEO at R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd and Amazon #1 author on Cybercrime discusses how to improve the technical capability within small and medium business.

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Hello, my name is Roger. How do you improve the technical staff capability within a small business?

There are two things that people notice in a small business when something goes wrong with your IT. When something goes wrong with your IT, (a) Everybody gets involved, so you might have five people working in your business but those five people are now focused wholly and solely on why Joe can’t print. So you just lost, let’s say ten minutes, of course five people, because he can’t print.

And on top of that it takes five times longer for it to be resolved. And because it takes that long to resolve things it then becomes more expensive because those five people didn’t take ten minutes, they took half an hour.

Now this, for a small business or a not for profit organization slows down other things, so it slows down your access to your organization. It slows down your delivery of products, it slows down your receptionist, because they are no longer focused on what you need them to focus on. So how do you fix that? Well, there’s two ways you can fix it.

One is you put a dedicated IT person on the staff, which is, usually for small and medium businesses, not an option cause they’re way to expensive and you need to have them do something else if they are going to come into your business. The second that is you can get a manage service provider or an outsource, you could outsource your IT to someone who knows what they’re doing.

They have the right qualifications, so they could come in remotely and fix little Joe’s problem in two minutes and if you are being charged by the minute well that’s great cause it only cost you two minutes. Everybody else can go back to work and nobody has a problem. Or if you have a monthly fee and that type of thing is included, it didn’t cost you a thing because you’ve already paid for it or it’s part of the service level agreement.

This is why small or medium businesses not for profit organizations need a better solution and a better solution for most small businesses not for profit, is to outsource your IT.

Thank you very much.

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