(Video) How a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can predict your monthly ICT Costs

I’d like to talk to you about how you can predict your ICT costs on a monthly basis.

Now most of us know what happens when you’re running a business, because the ICT costs can go up and down and up and down. One day it’s $10. The next day it’s $2K. And for that monthly period, it can get really expensive if something breaks and you have to repair it.

Now most people will understand this concept, but when you’re in a situation of a busy business and all you want to do is the technology to work, then these types of things become very problematic. And because they become very problematic, people usually just go with the flow. And they get to a situation where they’ll quite happily call someone in when it breaks, and that costs you $5K. And you never see another IT person for 3 months.

But there’s an easier way. There’s an easier way a) to predict your costs and b) to protect your network, and that is through a MSP.

A MSP will give you options on what you want to have done your ICT. So if you’re in a situation where you’ve got a server or you’re cloud-based and your applications are on PCs and laptops, then all of that information is used to calculate how much a MSP will charge you to look after that stuff.

In some cases, especially if you’re talking to us, the MSP will also have a component where they have a person on site. Now the reason why we’ve got people on site is we get to talk to people. We get to find out what those little annoying problems are. And we get them out of the way.

So the printer doesn’t print from tray 3. Yes, you’ve been printing from tray 2 all along, but there are times when you want to print from tray 3, and all you have to do is press a button. That doesn’t work, you get frustrated, people get annoyed, and it escalates from there.

IT doesn’t work. This is why. And everything along those tracks then becomes a big deal. Now you don’t want a big deal in your business. You just want them to be able to do whatever they need to do, and if they need to print from tray 3, then they can do it.

The other thing about MSP’s is they give you a flat fee per month. That flat fee per month will cover everything. So no matter what happens, it’s their responsibility to make sure that your server doesn’t go down or your internet doesn’t go down or your telework systems doesn’t go down.

And it is their role to make sure that when it is getting towards the end of life, you are in a situation where they can come to you and say, “it’s going to get a lot more expensive to look after it, we suggest you work out what you need to do and go from there”.

So what a MSP is, makes your business more robust, more resilient. Because you know that when you pick up the phone and talk to them, they will fix your system, if your system needs to be fixed. They know that if you are looking at building a website, that they will know where the best place to go is, what the best platform is.

That type of thing is really important. You don’t get that from people who just know computers in your business. So if you want to know how to predict your monthly ICT costs, then please contact us. Thank you very much.

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