The new Internet – how are we going to be safe?

Last week I did a blog on the new Internet and the direction that the Internet is going. ? I would like to take that a little further.

The internet will shortly morph into a completely different beast. I am not talking about how we use it, social media, blogging, web sites and email will all remain the same. The difference is the underlying infrastructure of the internet with the introduction of the IPv6.

The introduction of IPv6 was suppose to have happened in April 2011.  The challenge that has come to light is not that we have run out of addresses on IPv4 (April) but how the implementation of the new version is going to happen.

The number of internet addresses – think street addresses.  All systems that connect to the Internet need an address.  Every internet phone, laptop, business connection, website, cloud location there needs to have an address to function properly.  A number of telco’s and ISP’s have been very clever assigning addresses to their customers and they are getting more and more inventive to keep their customers connected, but you can only do so much with what is available.  The restrictions that IPv4 has, will start to have an impact on the Internet shortly and no amount of clever programming and ingenuity will help.

That is the underlying problem.  The management body for the Internet is trying to claw back some of the addresses that were issued in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and this will resolve some of the problems as long as companies like Symantec, Novell, Facebook, LinkedIn, google, amazon, Microsoft and or Cisco are “forced” to cooperate.

So here we are on the cusp of the introduction of IPv6 and not sure who will poke their toe in the pool first. ? Will it be some obscure ISP in Germany or will it be a large multinational like Cisco or Facebook.  How will they do it and what are the repercussions.

The Internet and security of both personal and business information is difficult at the best of times but throw in a change that is as complex as the one the Internet will go through shortly could be interesting to say the least.

Keeping the users of the Internet safe is going to take some interesting technological solutions, dare I say some more interesting regulation and control.? ?At the moment the only thing that I can say is watch this space.

Most businesses will need to implement a whole of business security system to make sure that they are safe and need to implement one that is not going to change with the implementation of IPv6.

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