The golden rules for BYOD in the workplace

BYOD is huge, it is one of the up and coming technologies that SME’s either embrace or totally hate. Either way it is something that is going to become more prominent over the coming years.

Gone are the days where a business gives you a laptop and mobile phone when you start, in today’s business world the reality is that your staff would rather bring their own device than be controlled by your requirements. So not only do you have to protect your information and critical data but you need to understand how to manage the BYOD revolution.

Here are a couple of ideas that could help.

Make sure that all devices have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password. This is the first and only level of protection for a stolen or misplaced device. All BYODs need to have a PIN. The attitude of no PIN no device is a good stand to have.

If data is to be downloaded to the device then all that information needs to be encrypted, so that anything at rest of the device cannot be casually read or used.

Applications that bypass security and get to the heart of your business should be tempered with paranoia. File sharing like drop box need to be weighed with benefits.

Have a BYOD policy, this protects your business but it also explains what your business expectations are of the device. If staff fail to sign that policy then they have no expectation of being supported by the business. This policy will also include what rights your business has to the unit, Including auditing, management and remote wiping of the unit.

Define the devices you will support, with minimum operating systems requirements, versions of android or IOS have to be stipulated.

Finally make sure that the devices do not have apps installed that can or will compromise your business security.

Although BYOD is the up and coming technology your business needs to be wise enough to manage it correctly. It is a disruptive technology, but it can be used for good. It is also here for a while so you have to get use to it but you can do it on your own terms.

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