Is the implementation of SECRET just to cover your Ego?

Relying on one persons understanding of digital crime is a recipe for disaster.

You can be the most knowledgeable person on the planet in your chosen field but you cannot be the most knowledgeable person on everything – that is impossible.

When it comes to the digital world, the individual facets of the world are daunting.

There is no single entity who has all of the answers.   In a huge number of places we no longer understand the questions to ask.

We all work in some realm where we either consider ourselves exceptional, or other people consider us exceptional in our knowledge and understanding.

Most people realise this and accept input from others who are experts in their own fields.   This collaboration makes everyone involved better.

We have seen those exceptional people do the absolute dumbest things when it comes to digital protection and cybersecurity.

In most cases it comes down to EGO.

To quote the Sky hooks and my friend Shirl ” ego is such a dirty word”.  This is where one of the largest problem lies when it comes to digital security.

Our egos get in the way.

Our egos do not allow us to be wrong, do not allow for others to have input into our problems or in some cases accept input from people who do actually know more about the problem than we do.

The EGO of security

One of the biggest problems with keeping ego in check is the understanding of secrecy.

By using my ego to implement security means that others who may have a deeper understanding of the problem or a better solution are kept out of development because i have deemed it secret.

To develop a complete digital security strategy we need to leave our egos at the door.   We have to listen to anyone and everyone with an idea concerning protection and implement the best ideas from that process.

When that happens we will see an improvement in digital security.   We will see an increase in collaboration and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to beat the digital criminal at their own game.