Stop talking about “cloud computing strategy” there really is no such thing!

bigstock-Thinking-man-Detailed-vector--25171361For the third time in 2 weeks I have been privy to conversations concerning a businesses cloud computing strategy.

In all cases it has been an interesting conversation concerning the storage and movement of data to cloud computing, without an overriding reason for the process.

The problem I am seeing is that, in all cases, the businesses had lost the original focus of their requirements.

They should be looking at the complete ICT strategy for the business with a cloud computing component not just a single component of that strategy.

The cloud offers opportunity for the IT department to deliver better outcomes for a business, it offers a better price point for storage and in most cases delivers other cost effective business outcomes.   In itself the utilisation of cloud computing technology will make changes to how a business does business.

It usually moves the IT department away from the high usage, labour intensive and costly processes that are part and parcel of business IT to a more sustainable and cost effective system.

But it is not the only strategy that you should be looking at.   Just because you are moving some of your businesses processes to the cloud does not mean that you neglect the rest of the business ICT requirements.

Cloud computing and storage is still only one facet of the business ICT requirements and that should be remembered at all times.

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