“As a Service (aaS)”

EngineerThese are the services that we provide to our clients

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Business Continuity as a Service

Business Resilience as a Service

Hardware as a Service

Reduce Capital Expense:

By not having to spend a lot of money upfront for your next major network upgrade.   HaaS has the financial benefits of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense.

Better Security:

When it comes to IT hardware and security, new is very often better.   Network security sometimes requires both hardware and software updates.   With HaaS it is easy to upgrade to the latest hardware if it is necessary for security reasons.

Software as a Service

Virtual Information Officer as a Service

Virtual Chief Digital Officer (CDO) as a Service

Every organisation needs a chief digital officer, not just someone who knows technology!   Everyone has someone who knows technology, but do they know how to use the technology to suit your business model.   Do they know how to make the technology work to give your business the edge over your competition.   A chief digital Officer can be an expensive investment for a small and medium business or not for profit organisation, that is why a virtual Chief Digital Officer as a service is a blessing to your business going forward.