Protecting mobile devices here are four ideas!

The proliferation of the BYOD and business supplied devices makes it very easy to loose any of them.   Whether they are lost or stolen the final outcome is the same.   To make sure that your business is protected you need to make sure that they are protected at all times.

Keep it safe

This in the physical protection of your device.   Most mobile devices are accidentally lost or stolen at places where you have to relinquish normal levels of control over the device.   Most user will keep them safe but there are times when that personal protection is overcome by a lapse in thought.

To make sure that the device is safe then you need to make sure that you manage your level of oversight.   In places where you have to go though security, where you think it would be safe to not be watching your device is invariably where it will happen.   Keep your eyes on your device at all times when going through a security check.   Do not leave your device at a table when you go to get another cup of coffee.   Always keep it close to your person in crowded areas.

Keep it encrypted

The critical business information if it is on your tablet, phone or laptop should be encrypted.   This ensures that the loss of the device will not endanger your business.

Most businesses do not encrypt data because it is an extra level of inconvenience for the users, but the loss of this critical information will have a detrimental effect on your business if lost or stolen.

Keep it separated

In the world of BYOD you are often in the situation where the line between business and home blur.   If possible keep the two separated.   That can be done in a number of ways, different accounts and passwords for mail, separate business by using RDP or VDI so there is a definitive separation between work and home.

Keep people informed

This is critical, if your device is lost or stolen then you need to inform the authorities as soon as possible.   If the item was insured you will need to complete a police report.   If there was business information on the device then you need to ensure that that critical information is reported to the owner.

There are a number of systems available that will allow you to track your lost piece of kit and will also allow you to wipe it remotely if lost or stolen.   Do not hesitate to do this if you know it is stolen, the faster this system is activated the better will be the chance that business information has not been compromised.

So by keeping the device safe, keeping the information encrypted, keeping business and home information separated and keeping everyone informed you will have a better understanding of your business protections and how they apply to your mobile devices.

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