Off site Backup

How Off Site Backup Works

Every night, you leave your computer running so the software can do all the work. On schedule, the software will
‘wake up’, find any changed data, then uses your Internet connection to connect to our secure server. Once the
server has checked to make sure your computer is valid, the software transfers the scrambled and compressed
copies to Storage Servers.

If you ever have the misfortune of having a disaster or an incident that leaves the information on your computers
inaccessible, all you will need to do is tell your software to get your information back, and the software does the
rest. If at any time you need help then the R and I ICT team is a phone call away.

Off site beats normal backup hands down

Small Business Praise for Solid Data

“I sleep well at night knowing that all my critical data is being securely backed up by Solid Data. The daily emails
reassure and guarantee my data, and the financial data from my clients that I have stored, will always be there
when I need it.”

Beverly Alley

Accountant and Registered Tax Agent

“I had only been using Solid Data Storage for a few short months when one
of the hard drives containing our data had what the computer technician describes
as a “complete melt-down”. This resulted in a complete wipe of all the
data and a drive that’s only use is an ugly paperweight! I had nothing to worry
about, as all my data was safely backed up on your servers. I came very
close to losing everything, and am grateful to Solid Data and the fact that I
had just made the decision to use your service.”

Geoff Grimshaw

Grimshaw Insurance Services

Your Investment

R & I off site backup is priced for the small business and non-profit organisation
marketplace. Your monthly investment is commonly between $39
and $199 per month and depends on the volume you use and the services to
which you subscribe.

The real benefits to you here are that you can pay a small monthly fee, no
lock-in contracts, and a 30-day free trial – so you can test the service and
even keep using it with no risk and no major commitment.