Looking forward to 2012 – will the trends be big data, security and clouds?

Yep here we are, 2012, the end of the world is less than 12 months away, according to the mayan Callander, and we are looking at the trends that may start to appear this year. I have noticed that in the last 5 years these predictions usually come to nought.

So these are the predictions that I am putting forward:

Clouds – the better offering from Australian cloud suppliers are now starting to come through as the larger ICT companies start to realise that sales of hardware and software is no longer the best way to increase profits. The best way for business to leverage the cloud is to look at what your business requires and then see if it will come in as a better solution. Most of the time this does involve getting in an ICT consultant to report on what your business requirements are.

In some cases it will not be a better solution, in some cases the solution will come be more expensive but will deliver better results and in some cases a cloud solution will drastically improve your business without the expected overheads.

Security – in the next 12 months the security and how businesses secure their information is going to go through a major upheaval. It is no longer a viable solution to think that because you are small (up to 500 users) that you are not a target.

This is no longer true.

Just toward the end of last year, a small think tank in the states got hacked. 10 users, a server and some laptops, workstations and tablets but because of what they did they had upward of 300,000 individual personal records on their systems, as well as their corporate Intellectual Property (IP) and some defence department information. This business relied on its anaminity for its primary security solution, but because it was on the Internet it was visible to the robots trolling the web. Anaminity is great but you need something substantial backing it up.

Big data – this is a spin off from the cloud but the ramifications are huge for any size business presence on the Internet. The business who can analyse and react to the huge proliferation of information and data that is available will be the ones who will have a better business going forward. It will also,involve the analysis and management of the social media monolith that is a huge component of the Internet.

There are 2 other areas – social media will increase its footprint on the Internet exponentially and the proliferation and increased usage of smart “stuff” (phones, tables) will also increase and change the way we do business.

So 2012 is here, let’s embrace it and see where it can take us into the future.

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