If You Think You Need a Computer Tech, You Probably Do

Most small and medium business and not for profit organisations have a similar mindset when it comes to business ICT and cyber crime.  That attitude is the old “everything will be all right” and “it won’t happen to me”. 

To the scores of SME’s who have lost their intellectual property, been hacked or had their client list stolen, I could say “I told you so,” but I won’t.  The problem is that most SME’s who have this attitude do not understand how the cyber criminals attack their business, or any of the other things that can go wrong with today’s technology.

This is where an IT person comes into the equation.  For an SME, ICT is what makes your business run correctly, but to make it run at the highest level you need to get information from an expert.  In most cases, an SME considers Google the expert.  Google, combined with “someone who knows computers,” is all that they need to get the best out of their business’s ICT.  Sorry, but that is completely wrong!

There is one large problem with this attitude:  When consulting Google you have to have the right questions.  In most cases, the answer to your question is out there on the internet, but when it comes to getting the best for your business the beauty is in the question.  The more accurate the question, the better the solution will be.  I don’t profess to know how Google works, but in my line of work, we also use Google.  An answer to a question I type in would deliver far more accurate information than a question from someone who just “knows computers.” 

Recently we were troubleshooting a problem on a site.  The client had an on-site computer person, who had been working on the problem for about a week.  The problem was starting to have monumental repercussions for the business, and they called in a professional.  Going in, we had no idea what was wrong, but after about one hour we had a fair idea.  We then asked doctor Google the right question.  Not only were the results totally different from anything the IT tech had turned up, but the actual answer was the second result.  The solution was a quick change to the registry, removing a number of temp files, and a restart of the problematic systems. 

We were on site for about two hours, and the total cost was $300.00, but there was no more loss of productivity within the business.  Considering they lost about $10,000 in productivity, it’s clear that persisting with a tech person who does not know what they are doing is a total waste of money.

In today’s world, your ICT systems are the lifeblood of your business.  You can’t just set them up and then ignore them.  To keep them running at the right level, you have to ensure that they are secure, productive, stable and resilient.  That is a tall order for someone who just “knows computers.”

So how do you avoid IT disasters, and the costly visits from consultants that come with them? A managed service provider will deliver the necessary level of expertise so that your business can focus on what you do best:  Using your expertise to make money, create revenue and drive profit.  That is why you are in business—not so that you can play with computers.

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