Free Presentation for Not For Profit Organisations – CyberCrime – are your members exposed?

bigstock-Criminal-Thief-Activity-Detai-25171523This is not a sales ploy.     Let me make this perfectly clear, I am in no way trying to sell anything; I make a comfortable living from my normal business and my books.    Let’s just call this a philanthropic endeavor.     

With that out of the way, I am coming to you today because your members need to increase their awareness of cybercrime.   Do they know what sort of problems are associated with it in today’s digital world?

Everyone, individuals, businesses, organisations and government are moving to the digital world.   Like most organisations, you have a web site, you use social media to get your message out there and you probably do your banking on the Internet.    Your members and constituents are the same.    The problems associated with accessing that information is exposing normal everyday users, your members, to extreme danger.    The dangers of hacking, spyware, malware and SPAM just to name a few.   

Unlike the people that have grown up immersed in the digital world, the older generation, the Baby Boomers have very limited understanding of how it all works.   There are normally two schools of thought in this group, the ones what have embraced the digital world and the ones who are scared of it.   No matter what camp you’re in there is an inherent danger in using this world.

Most people would not even contemplate going down a dark alley in the meanest area of town with no protection and a wallet full of money.   In the digital world you are one click, that’s correct just ONE click, away from being in that predicament.   Unlike a physical mugging, with a digital attack you may not even realise that you have been attacked.   In some cases a digital attack may manifest itself in different ways months or even years after the initial infection.

I have put together a 45 minute presentation that will help your members increase their digital awareness and help them understand how they can protect themselves.   I discuss 6 strategies that your constituents can implement now.   They are not hard to do, in fact they are easy.   These 6 points will increase their digital awareness and protection dramatically.   

The digital world is not all beer and skittles, it is a dangerous and ruthless world to be in and you have to act accordingly.

 Once again I am not selling anything, there is no buy this product, and there is no buy this service.   There are a number of free solutions that are incorporated into the presentation but once again they are totally free.   No bait and switch, just free.

Because this is a philanthropic endeavor, I normally charge $2000.00 for this service, I can only afford to do these free presentations twice a month.   In other words it is first in best dressed.

Would your members benefit from this presentation?   If you think they would please contact me by phone (0400830837), reply to this email ( or fill in this form:

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