Business security is the beast that needs to be tamed otherwise it will eat you alive.

EngineerThe digital revolution is here and if you haven’t noticed you are either living under a rock or haven’t grasped the significance of what is happening around you.

By the year 2015 there will be more than 3 billion people connected to the World Wide Web and the Internet through mobile devices, business systems and normal computers.    It is something that has revolutionized the way we think, relate and work and who knows what else it will change in the future.

There are only two things that you need to take into consideration in this connected age, how you are going to use this new found wealth of information and connection availability and how are you going to protect yourself from those same people.

Utilisation of the World Wide Web is no longer a problem anymore, buy a phone, tablet or computer and it is immediately available to you, the second consideration is slightly more complicated. Somewhere along the way you need a framework, blueprint or system that is going to help with the management and protection of your business information.

In most cases how you protect your business information, your staff, your client information and your intellectual property seems to be second to and not as important as cash flow, profit, marketing, sales and revenue.   The trouble is, that is incorrect.  The security of your business information and data is just not set and forget.    It is a beast that needs constant care and attention otherwise it could just bite you hand off.

This beast that is your business information has 3 components, the what (information that is critical to the wellbeing of your business), the where (location of that information) and the how (measures you use to protect it).   Protecting that information does not need to be a full time job but it can be time consuming.   It doesn’t need to be expensive but at times it can be.

You can separate your protection into these three focus areas – the technology you are using, the command and control processes that you incorporate into your business and the sustainability of your business.

These three components go a long way to creating a stable, well protected and resilient business that will support you, your business and your family for the foreseeable future.   With all of the turmoil that the future World Wide Web can deliver your business security needs to be able to handle any changes that are thrown at it.  The system needs to be able to adapt to future change as well as allow you to do the business that you want.

A decent system of business information protection does not necessarily have to cost large amounts of money, but it can if you are not careful.  It does not need to implement by an expert especially considering most of it is common sense and it can be incorporated into your normal business practice.    A classic example is password control.   Complicated passwords can be enforced through technology and training.  You no longer need to be able to make sure that all users have passwords that are hard to guess as the operating systems and website can enforce their creation.   You just have to teach your staff how to do it.

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