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Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find an organisation that will help you sort out your ICT and security issues?   Especially one that will not cost you a fortune.
Which is the best way to go for your organisation?   Are you asking questions like:
  • Are we going to the Cloud, 
  • Are we going to use hosted email, 
  • Are we going to supply smart mobile devices or Bring your Own for the workers,
  • Do we have the right business protection in place,
  • Have we looked at ALL of the requirements for our website.
  • Have we listened to the sales advice about cheap and nasty solutions that will hurt you in the long run?  
The C Level executive, Board and owner level of your business should be asking these are questions. 
Questions like these should be asked of support organisation that is interested in putting the correct systems in place, not for the money but because it is the best thing to do for YOUR organisation.
We are a Canberra ACT based Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) who does just that.    We listen to where you want to take your organisation and put the best solutions in place so that you can get on with your core business.  We listen to you and we make our recommendations based on what you need now and moving into the future.   
We look at your business and make recommendations based on capability and requirements not on how much we can get out of you.
We look after small and medium business and not for profit organisations and we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations when it comes to support and business capability.

If we can help then please contact us ASAP

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Phone: 02 6258 0056

Email: contact@rniconsulting.com.au

R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 368
Kippax ACT 2615

Managed Service Provider

Managed services, Managed IT Services or outsourcing your Information Technology is not just about fixing computers. In fact fixing computers is one of the smallest components of a managed services, Managed IT Services or outsourcing agreement. Managed services is all about making your organisations technology function better for a fixed cost

Best service provider available

R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd

Budget-friendly IT Support in Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Yass and Surrounding Areas

When your technology doesn’t work, your business doesn’t either.

Are you tired of computer headaches but don’t know who you can trust to fix them?

Here’s why you can rely on us to take the computer support burden off your shoulders once and for all:

Proven track record: We have been building our loyal client base since 2009 in an industry where firms come and go. Our relationships with key vendors are long and deep, which translates into excellent support for our clients.

Business Experience: We will truly understand your business and internal reporting systems so we can customize solutions for your business and maximize technology ROI.

Technical Expertise: We only hire full-time, experienced technicians who know what they are doing and can get it right the first time

Responsiveness: A live person will answer your call, and emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. We have the latest remote support technology which lets us log in to your computers remotely to address many issues without the need to wait for a technician to come on-site.

Proactive Support to Prevent Problems: We can monitor your computer network 24/7 to identify and resolve many potential issues before they become critical problems.

#1 Amazon best seller – “Cybercrime – A clear and present danger”

“Everything is hackable”.

This is the position that most C level executives, Board members, managers and owners of small and medium business and not for profit organisations find themselves in.

The digital world is changing faster than most businesses can keep up with. SME’s are constantly looking for the next technological advantage that the digital world will give to their organisation over their competition, but this is a two sided sword.

This saying “everything is hackable” is true. Automated Systems used by 12 year olds to targeted malicious attacks specifically targeted at your business make business in todays world highly volatile.

There are two questions that management of any SME has to ask.
* Is the information under my care important enough to steal and if so how do I protect it?
* Is the information under my care easy to steal and how do I make it harder?

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